Welcome to Sights Unseen Photography.

About Me

Whether you ended up here intentionally, or fell down some deep and dark internet rabbit-hole, your interest is appreciated. I invite you to explore, to poke around, to peruse. And if inspired, to purchase!

Photography is one of many things that I do. I study climate change adaptation as a doctoral student at the University of Michigan. I travel for work and research, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. I travel anywhere else I can find and can afford. I write, both creatively and academically. And, like anybody else, I try to understand the world, how it is ever-changing, and how my place in it is changing too.

Photography is an important part of that process. I originally started this site following my return to the US after three years in Madagascar. I hoped to sell some photographs, but more importantly, hoped to make my experience there accessible, to open a little hole to the world that had so changed me.

As I continue to grow- as a person, traveler, researcher, writer, and photographer- this site has grown along with me as a platform and archive. I hope it is as much of an exploration for you as it is for me.


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